Steve’s Priorities

 Steve Kirby puts the needs of the people first.  Not those of the special interests.

His only special interest is the people of the 29th District.  He’s living proof that it’s possible to be elected eleven times and hold a public office for 30 years without becoming a part of the problem.  He’s never forgotten where he came.  He’s never backed down when the well-being of his community was at stake.

He’s learned from over three decades of experience that in politics, the perfect is almost always the enemy of the good and that change often needs to happen incrementally.  That’s what it takes to get things done.

  • He fought against unfair tax increases.
  • He’s worked hard to expand opportunities to stimulate our economy and create family wage jobs.
  • He’s insisted on accountability in state government to ensure that our hard earned tax dollars are spent wisely.
  • He’s focused on programs that matter to real people—affordable health care, job training and programs that provide our seniors with the services they need.
  • He fights for your right to feel safe at home, at school, at work and in your neighborhood.  He doesn’t just talk tough…he wants to get tough on criminals.
  • He wants to give every student the best possible education at our public schools, colleges and universities.  Because today’s economy runs on brainpower, not horsepower.
  • He believes economic opportunity grows in a climate that’s friendly to both workers and businesses.

He’s a leader we know. A leader we can count on.

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